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One of many subjects I do enjoy photographing, actually never had a subject I didn't like taking pics of, is the moon. Our little buddy in the sky who kinda follows us wherever we go. The moon can be beautiful and it can be scary all on the same night! The “full” moon can have powers and it can light up a night and it can change people into wolves? that's a whole other discussion and maybe we will save that til Halloween.

We recently had our final full moon of 2020 it was December’s “cold moon”. I had a chance to get a few pics and decided to do a “moon” photo gallery. Unlike it’s cousin “sun” the moon is a better subject lol less haze and glare lol. Although I believe more people look at the sun as happy and inspirational and the moon as closure. I did ask a few people and words they thought of when it comes to the moon included spooky, romantic, relaxing and even inspirational.

Our next full moon will occur on Thursday, January 28th and it is known as the “Wolf Moon” Que the howling sound effects.

Check out some of my moon shots as we do a little moon dance to kick off 2021.

The Full Moon


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