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Check Out The Moon with Shawn Michaels
One of many subjects I do enjoy photographing, actually never had a subject I didn't like taking pics of, is the moon. Our little buddy in the sky who kinda follows us wherever we go. The moon can be beautiful and it can be scary all on the same night!
13 Spooky New Jersey Houses for Halloween [PHOTOS]
Shawn Michaels' Halloween Shutterblog I was going through my photo library and decided to do a Halloween blog featuring photos I have taken around New Jersey featuring "spooky homes". I've always thought old homes are captivating subjects and a lot of the time pretty spooky...
Do YOU Brake for Turtles?
If YOU live in Ocean or Monmouth Counties you probably have seen "turtle crossing" signs. Residents have posted these reminders throughout the Jersey Shore to help spare the terrapins from being hit by motorists as they make their way to lay eggs this Spring/Summer.
Birdwatching at the Jersey Shore
Birdwatching at the Jersey Shore.....Spring is here at the Jersey Shore and this weekend I stumbled across this woodpecker family doing some Spring cleaning of their home....a true tree house. I sat back and watched and photographed their work, I hope you enjoy a look at Jersey Shore nature at it's best....a break from the negatives we hear and see everyday.

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