Join Shawn & Sue from the 92.7 WOBM morning show for an exciting and fast-paced challenge – the Alphabet Game!

Test your wit and speed as you race against the clock to name words, places, and things starting with a specific letter.

We want you to show off your skills every morning with the ultimate alphabet showdown.

So rise and shine, bring it on, and conquer the alphabet at lightning speed!

Sign up here; you could be the next contestant selected to play on the radio. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Since we will be friends, please provide us with your name.
  2. Let us know which town you live in. We want to celebrate local stars!
  3. Choose the day that works best for you to play the game. We want to accommodate your schedule.
  4. Please share your contact number with us, so we can call you when it's your turn to shine.
  5. Finally, please provide us with the best email address to reach you. This way, we can update you on the details of the Alphabet Game!

Join us on weekday mornings to hear us play the Alphabet Game only with Shawn & Sue on your favorite radio station, 92.7 WOBM (now heard in Monmouth County on 96.7.)

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