It’s Gonna Be Big This Year The Amazon Wish List
may be a huge year for online shopping due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Stores have reduced hours, costumer limits, closings etc. So for many they are shopping online and doing it safely from home. That being said I don’t have a problem going to a store I wear my mask use hand sanitizer and p…
Do You Enjoy Seasonal Coffee at the Holidays?
If you listen to our morning show, then you know my love of coffee. If you really listen closely, which I know you do, you know I drink my coffee black no sugar.....coffee in it’s purest form. My Uncle owned a coffee company years ago in Chatham, New Jersey and I wish I was older when he was …
Shawn & Sue's Christmas Carol Contest 2020
Although the schools will not be facing off exclusively this year, we are going to have a Christmas singing competition. The "Tinsel Trophy" will go to whoever wins the popular vote for their best Christmas Carol. So our competition is open to EVERYONE!
Shawn Michaels' Ultimate Thanksgiving Dessert Table!
We are just days away from Thanksgiving and despite all that is going on in the world today, one thing that I hope won't get skipped is the delicious Thanksgiving dessert table. I think I am not alone when I say that many of us look forward to turkey day desserts as much as the turkey! maybe i…

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