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I moved to the Jersey Shore when I was about 6 years old and one of the things I remember was "Burger Chef" it was a popular burger joint which unfortunately doesn't exist any longer.

Burger Chef was in business from 1954 until it's ending in 1996, although I think any Jersey Shore locations were closed before 1996.

Burger Chef was a very popular burger chain, especially in the 70's and 80's. Featuring their Super Shef & Big Shef burgers along with their Fun Meal and the “works” bar so you could make you burger the way you wanted it.




The reason I started thinking about Burger Chef was because we ordered burgers out over New Year’s weekend and it spurred a memory. FYI we ordered the cheeseburger platter with well done fries from Dynasty Diner in Tuckerton, they do a nice job. Anyway, it was that order that made me think of the old Burger Chef.

One of the more popular locations was in Pine Beach at what is now Roy Rogers, that was a busy Burger Chef back in the day. Do you remember Burger Chef & Jeff? The chains mascots?



Where did YOU go to Burger Chef? What was your favorite meal? Was in the Big Shef or maybe the Fun Meal? Share some of your memories of the good ole’ Burger Chef.....now I want a Burger Chef and Jeff Tee-Shirt.



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