Birds of New Jersey
New Jersey is home to many species of birds. We have the unique scenario where we have beautiful forests and pine barrens along with the gorgeous ocean coastline. Each brings different types of birds, so it's a bird watchers paradise. Enjoy a few of my personal favorites that I have photographe…
Cat Lovers Meet Mr Waffles [PHOTOS]
Cat Lovers Meet Mr Waffles [PHOTOS] This is a fun article in which I had a chance to talk with Author/Photographer/Designer Lisa S. Roberts about a new book entitled "Mr Waffles Loves Design". Of course you know I love photography as a hobby so when I saw this project it was an instant yes…
Hiking NJ: Parvin State Park
Hiking NJ: Parvin State Park .... This edition of Hiking NJ we are off to Salem County and a visit to Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove Township. The State Park is a beauty wrapped around Lake Parvin and Lake Thundergust.

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