Cat Lovers Meet Mr Waffles [PHOTOS]
Cat Lovers Meet Mr Waffles [PHOTOS] This is a fun article in which I had a chance to talk with Author/Photographer/Designer Lisa S. Roberts about a new book entitled "Mr Waffles Loves Design". Of course you know I love photography as a hobby so when I saw this project it was an instant yes…
Hiking NJ: Parvin State Park
Hiking NJ: Parvin State Park .... This edition of Hiking NJ we are off to Salem County and a visit to Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove Township. The State Park is a beauty wrapped around Lake Parvin and Lake Thundergust.
Birdwatching at the Jersey Shore
Birdwatching at the Jersey Shore.....Spring is here at the Jersey Shore and this weekend I stumbled across this woodpecker family doing some Spring cleaning of their home....a true tree house. I sat back and watched and photographed their work, I hope you enjoy a look at Jersey Shore nature at it&ap…

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