Take a Peek at the Full Worm Moon
Take a Peek at the Full Worm Moon.....Incase the clouds Wednesday hindered your view of our latest full moon, I thought I'd share some photos. This current full moon is best known as the "worm" moon.
A Look at the Super Blue Moon
It was our second full moon in January, so that makes this weeks moon a "blue" moon and it was also a "super" moon .... So in-case you missed it we have photos from our view here at the Jersey Shore of the Super Blue Moon! Enjoy th...
Did You Check Out The Super "Wolf" Moon?
Did you get a chance to see the "Supermoon" Monday night? This January Full Moon is also referred to as the "Wolf Moon". I took the Photos above last night and if skies are clear I'll be out tonight again, it's a beautiful moon to kick off 2018.
The W...

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