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Hiking NJ and Beyond
What do you do to get some fresh air and exercise during a pandemic? Well in my opinion it’s hiking. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and do it safely. You can get outdoors and get exercise and fresh air, which I think many of us can lack at times while we stay home during the C…
Check Out The Moon with Shawn Michaels
One of many subjects I do enjoy photographing, actually never had a subject I didn't like taking pics of, is the moon. Our little buddy in the sky who kinda follows us wherever we go. The moon can be beautiful and it can be scary all on the same night!
Shawn Michaels Photography
Photography is hugely popular around the world now with apps like Instagram allowing millions of people to take pictures every day. Most are amateur photographers like myself. We focus more on the idea than the technical aspects, although I am not speaking for everyone and I do try to have a basic k…
Sights of Late Summer in New Jersey
We are at the point now where it is "late" summer and at different points of the summer various flowers are in bloom. I decided to take a series of photos that highlighted some of our "late" summer blooms from around the Garden State.
Quarantine Summer: Photos From the Backyard Garden
I thought I’d share a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the backyard and some interesting shots from my Nikon, at least I hope you find them interesting. Shots of our sunflowers, first time growing, along with some future butterflies and our chipmunks. Jury is out on Chipmunks, are they cute or a…

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