Yesterday we made on final visit to our home of over 45 years in Bayville as movers came in to take out the final fixtures, furniture, and odds and ends. But one thing in particular caught our attention. A mysterious, and obviously old safe. Take a look at the video:

[onescreen item="5021138"]

Our ever intrepid engineer, Tom, took a drill to the hefty steel and concrete vault to try to get a look inside. As of now, we don't know if he cracked the code or not. But stay tuned, we'll keep you updated. For all we know it could hold thousands of dollars...or simply Captain & Tennille tickets from 1975. Who knows?

Do we have any locksmiths in our audience who might be willing to take a crack at it? If so, comment below or shoot an email over!

And stay tuned, later we'll have a video walk down memory lane with myself and Sue Moll!