What Would You Do with the Old TR Inspection Station ?
I remember my Grandparents bringing their car to the inspection station on Route 166 in Toms River. I think that back several decades it may have been the only inspection station in the area, Manahawkin didn’t have center….but I could be wrong about that. Do you remember going to the o…
What Was YOUR First Car?
Let’s take a few minutes to forget all the stuff going on today and relive a simpler time when we were all a lot younger and had little to worry about except getting our license and having gas money to go out with our friends and drive our cars! The first car is something we will always remem…
Life Hack: Shawn Michaels' Live Edge End Table [VIDEO]
Life Hack: Shawn Michaels' Live Edge End Table [VIDEO] So a "live edge" table is one made from fresh cut trees that leaves the bottom unfinished and raw, while the top is finished. This was the first time I did this and it all started because we lost one of our favorite trees.

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