New Movie "6:45" Filmed Here in Ocean County
This is pretty cool, a new movie that was shot here in Ocean County and other parts of the Garden State. The movie is called 6:45 and I got a chance to talk with director Craig Singer (Toms River Resident) to talk about this project with a local connection here in Ocean County.
The Bizarre Brick Basket Mystery
A strange thing is going on in Brick. It's a mystery that doesn't seem to have a logical explanation, but one that is continuing up to this very day. Most people who shop in Brick have probably been impacted without even realizing it.
Help Us Send These Bayville Letters To Heaven
Sometimes, a mystery comes along that's so captivating that we have to try to do whatever we can to solve it. We had fun with The Toms River Horn Honker, but this one is a bit different. We here at WOBM feel like we have a duty to help these letters "get to Heaven". Read on fo…
Watch Justin Open A Bag of Crap [Video]
Well, I managed to score a fabled and mysterious "Bag of Crap" from web retailer I blogged about my last crappy experience, so I figured this time I'd invite you to join in on the unveiling. Check out what crappy surprises awaited:

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