As of this writing we are mere hours away from Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start to summer in Ocean County.

With that in mind, I thought that this would be the perfect time to share some tips for those who will be visiting our area this season.

  • Photo by Brianne Diomede
    Photo by Brianne Diomede

    Don't Litter

    This photo went viral a few years ago as an illustration of what one of our beaches looked like after Memorial Day weekend (Point Pleasant Beach, to be exact).

    There are a few choice words that we can use to describe this situation, but let's keep it family friendly and just say that it's disgusting and inconsiderate.

    Go with the well known mantra that many campers know by heart - "leave no trace". If you bring it in, bring it out and deposit it in an appropriate container!

  • Photo by Justin Louis
    Photo by Justin Louis

    Know Where You're Going

    We know that there is going to be a lot of traffic. It comes with the territory and we have to accept it.

    But there is something that everyone can do to make being on the roads just a little less unpleasant:

    Know where you're going.

    We have all been behind those cars with out of state plates who are meandering down the road, slowing down, speeding back up, starting to turn before going back in traffic, and just generally being lost.

    It happens. But here are two tips to make it just a little easier for everyone else:

    If you don't know the area well, get a GPS. They're not even that expensive these days.

    If you end up lost, don't try to figure it out in the middle of traffic, pull over and figure it out!

  • Maciej Korzekwa
    Maciej Korzekwa

    Drive Politely

    Speaking of driving, I could write a whole article on the driving habits that make me crazy.

    In fact, I have.

    Going along with the previous item of knowing where you're going, please be a considerate driver.

    Just to name a few of the all too common habits that we all see every day:

    Don't tailgate

    Don't have E-ZPass? Stay out of the E-ZPass only lanes. There are plenty of signs beforehand, so there's really no excuse for swerving out of the E-ZPass only lane at the last minute.

    And for crying out loud - put the phone down and stop texting. and don't be a complete idiot by drinking and driving!



  • Photo by Justin Louis
    Photo by Justin Louis

    Don't Feed The Seagulls

    I've written before about how I've stood on the porch of our Seaside Park studio and watched as people gleefully fed the seagulls.

    Some people think that it's really funny to watch the airborne scavengers battle for the scraps that they're scattering around.

    No joke, last summer I watched a guy crush Doritos on his stomach while gulls ate them right off of him. It was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.

    But do you know what happens as a result? First, the seagulls don't have any fear of people and won't hesitate to steal food from people who aren't intending to share.

    And second, poop. They poop a lot. And it could be on you!

  • Philip Lange - ThinkStock
    Philip Lange - ThinkStock

    Spend Lots Of Money

    I'm not writing this to discourage visitors, honest.

    We need visitors and tourists. Tourism is one of the most important parts of the Ocean County economy.

    All that money that visitors are spending on food, gas, lodging, and the endless dollar bills that are being fed into the seemingly unwinnable claw machines is what makes it possible for us to provide the world class beaches, boardwalks, and entertainment that we have here.

    So please, by all means, spend that money!

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