Hiking NJ

Hiking Beautiful Estell Manor Park
This edition of Hiking NJ finds us in Atlantic County. This time around we are hiking at beautiful Estell Manor County Park in Estell Manor, New Jersey. This park, which is part of the Atlantic County Park System, is unique with its hiking trails because the main route is a raised boardwalk that goes through swampland in the area. In ...
Hike the Ocean City Boardwalk
If you are looking for a fun workout, how about a hike on one of our many beautiful boardwalks here in New Jersey. This time around we decided to hike the beautiful Ocean City boardwalk in Cape May County.
Fresh Air, Sunshine and Exercise PERFECT Day Out!
Looking to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine this spring? then one spot that should be on your list is beautiful Tatum County Park in Middletown. Tatum Park is part of the Monmouth County Park System. It's a wonderful park located in Middletown, right next to Deep Cut Gardens Park.
Hiking NJ and Beyond
What do you do to get some fresh air and exercise during a pandemic? Well in my opinion it’s hiking. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and do it safely. You can get outdoors and get exercise and fresh air, which I think many of us can lack at times while we stay home during the Coronavirus Pandemic...
Hike Cedar Bonnet Island
In the latest webisode of “Hiking NJ” April and I made a trip to Cedar Bonnet Island Park in Manahawkin. The park is located right along the Route 72 causeway on the way to Long Beach Island. Once across the bridge, eastbound, you will see the parking area off to the right.

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