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Summer Pet-Peeves?
It's Summertime here at the Jersey Shore and we want to know what "annoys" you most during summer? In a recent survey of "Air BnB's" the #1 summer complaint is "noise" and "trash" was #2 .... so we wanna see what YOU think? What is YOUR summer pet-peeve? ...
One Of My Biggest Gas Station Pet Peeves [Editorial]
I could go back to the well of "should we be able to pump our own gas?" over and over again, and we could get a brisk debate going about it every time. But this isn't about whether we should be able to or not, it's about one of the things that still happens when getting a fill-up that drives me crazy..
5 Memorial Day Weekend Rules
As of this writing we are mere hours away from Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start to summer in Ocean County. With that in mind, I thought that this would be the perfect time to share some tips for those who will be visiting our area this season...

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