One thing that we struggle with every year here in Ocean County is the relationship with visitors. We love to have people come and see what we have to offer here at the shore, but we also expect visitors to treat our home as they would treat their own. As you can see in the photo above, that isn't always the case.

Point Pleasant resident Brianne Diomede posted this picture of Point Pleasant Beach after Memorial Day Weekend this morning.

Instead of a beautiful stretch of pristine beach, it looks more like a trash dump. From half empty soda bottles to candy wrappers, discarded food, and who knows what else, this stretch of beach was treated like a giant garbage can instead of a family destination.

It honestly blows my mind to think that people think it's ok to just leave their trash right where they were sitting. I would be tempted to ask if they would do the same when camping or going to a local park, but I'm afraid of what the answer may be.

Yes, we enjoy and appreciate visitors. We appreciate your business, your use of the businesses and boardwalks that we have worked so hard to rebuild, but we ask you one simple favor - please treat it with respect. You may only be here for a couple of days and leave at the end of your vacation, but we live here and have to look at (and clean up) what you leave behind.

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