I've said it before and I'll say it again - yes, I have become a grumpy old man. But when I see things like in the video above, I think that my sour attitude is shared by many.

My first two reactions when I saw that video said a lot about the state of driving at the Jersey Shore.

First, I was shocked that someone would be so impatient and reckless.

Then, I wasn't. Because I've seen pretty much the same thing with my own eyes.

In fact, it was just over the summer that I wrote about an ultra-aggressive livery driver on the Garden State Parkway through Toms River.

I feel like it's those drivers who never get pulled over, too.

Between the impatience of many drivers and the fact that texting while driving has become scarily common, it almost makes you want to just stay home.

On top of all of that, I'm already on edge after narrowly escaping my daily commute with life and limb still in tact only two weeks ago.

There is something that you can do about it when you see dangerous driving (and no, it's not to chase them and flip them off). New Jersey has an aggressive driver hotline.

All you have to do is dial #77 (safely, and with a hands-free connection, of course!) to report the incident.

It's a scary world out there on Ocean County's roads these days, but hopefully if we all treat each other with a bit more respect and patience, incidents like in the video above won't end in tragedy.

What's the worst incident of dangerous driving that you've seen on our roads? Comment below and let us know!



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