One of the most fun family activities on the Ocean County boardwalks are the arcades. A family could spend hours trying to win tickets to exchange for some little trinkets, or you could spend dollar after dollar trying to score a stuffed animal from a claw machine.

Well, one YouTuber claims that he's cracked the code of the claw machines. Take a look:

It seems like it's all there - the secret codes, the strategies, they even get kicked out! So it can't be fake, right?

The first thing that made me question the video was the fact that the employees seemed to be watching for quite a while in the background of the video.

Also, when they finally do get asked to leave, the employee seems rather disinterested. Less like an irritated arcade worker who has been getting scammed and more like someone who was asked to play a part.

If you really pay attention, you'll catch parts of the video that look just a little off. Most likely thanks to some creative editing.

You're welcome to try these so-called hacks, but I have a feeling that you'll just lose a lot of quarters.

What do you think, did this YouTuber crack the boardwalk game code, or is it just a creatively edited video? Comment below and let us know your opinion!

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