Best Fresh Baked Bread at the Jersey Shore
Smell that? Yup it’s that local bakery and the fresh-baked bread Possibly one of the greatest smells in the world. Do you think a men’s cologne called “fresh baked” would sell? Anyway I digress, fresh-baked bread is awesome! Not only the smell, but the taste!
Best Gas Prices at the Jersey Shore?
We have all heard about the "hack" of the gas pipeline here in the U.S. and a temporary shutdown of the pipeline, which may cause price increases and possible shortages, hopefully not the case here in New Jersey.
What Do Jersey Shore Mom's Want For Mother's Day
This Sunday, May 9th is Mother's Day, a day set aside for us to honor all the "Moms" in our life. This year has been a tough one and it's probably great timing as we begin to emerge from the Coronavirus Pandemic, to have a day to celebrate Mom and enjoy a nice day.

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