When I was at The Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio for my show last Friday afternoon, going into the 4th of July weekend, I noticed something as the afternoon turned into evening - after the people cleared out, the beach was a mess.

Food wrappers, bottles, cans, bags, leftovers, etc. There was trash strewn everywhere.

As a shore local, it made me angry to see our beaches treated like this.

So, who is to blame? I was a little surprised to find out:

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

It was the seagulls.

They were dragging things out of the garbage cans and spreading it all out across the beach. They were making a huge mess.

I actually had to backtrack on my original thought, that human visitors were disrespecting our beaches. To their credit, at least where we are in Seaside Park, everyone deposited their trash into the garbage cans.

So, to the shore tourists who were in Seaside Park last Friday - thank you for cleaning up after yourselves!

To the seagulls - you're jerks!

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