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Well here we are it's 2020 and another "New Year". I am coming off vacation and the Holidays and I'm motivated to start 2020. Am I a big "resolution" guy, not really but I do set general goals that are meant to help with my general quality of life.

Basically two areas ..... fitness and diet. Nothing major but both will boost my quality of life as I go into this new  decade. Regarding fitness, very simple ...... hike (walk) and incorporate running. Now I must admit I'm not talking a crazy amount of running, just a few miles a week. A laugh when I look back and remember a time when I'd run 100 miles a week, but those days are over lol. I do want to run some 5 K races by Spring, so now is the time to get ready. The second part of my 2020 is "keto" ...... not going crazy with keto, but watching and cutting "garbage" food out of my diet. So that's it for me, what did listeners have to say about "resolutions"


Debbie: "My resolution is to not make a resolution."

Nick: "It may sound crazy but peace."

Barbara: "To finally read all those books I've been collecting."

Mary: "Drink Prosecco on every Holiday and not get out of bed before 6 on any day."

Cindi: "Live in the present, plan for the future and leave the past."

Amber: "To not react to others so quickly even when I do not agree with them."

Kellie: "To see more of Sue Moll at Disney."

Tony: "Don't tell my wife I got a raise."

So what are YOU thinking when it comes to "goals" in 2020 ? By the way I like the term "goals" better then "resolutions" Post your thoughts below in the comments section and good luck in 2020

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