What Do We Need Here in Ocean County? [Opinion]
What Do We Need Here in Ocean County? [Opinion] So it's a question I know will receive a lot of different answers, but I'm curious in 2019 what residents would like to see here in Ocean County. What do we need to improve quality of life in Ocean County.
Is The Jersey Shore Better Now Than Twenty Years Ago?
We have been doing a lot of reminiscing this past week as the year ends and I began to think about my time here at the Jersey Shore. I have lived here nearly 45 years now and I've enjoyed every minute. I've been fortunate enough to have been hosting the morning show here at WOBM for over twenty yea…
What's Your Favorite For The Beach ?
Sue and I were talking about what we like to wear during the summer. Unlike Sue I do not like "thong" sandals ... Ive never liked a sandal between my toes. I do like sanuks. They are comfortable and perfect for a person who doesn't like the traditional sandal...

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