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Autumn is a beautiful time of year, except for all the leaves we have to rake now, but before the leaves came down they gave us such a colorful show here in New Jersey.

As you know I love to take the camera out and grab photos and "fall" is a special time for local photographers because of all the beautiful colors that are out as the leaves change and we get hints of winter being around the corner. Before all the color is gone I wanted to share some photos from this year here at the Jersey Shore and other parts of New Jersey including Ocean, Burlington and Monmouth counties.....remember that's what "OBM" stands for Ocean-Burlington-Monmouth

This year it took a little time for the leaves to start changing and the colors to begin to pop, but I think I grabbed a few photos that show the beauty of the Garden State during Autumn. This year I grabbed photos from all over including North Jersey as well.

We have wonderful parks in the area and this time of year it's great to go for a walk and enjoy the colors, although now the leaves are coming down so this is why I wanted to share with you some highlights of our autumn color show as nature gives us a truly wonderful painting for you and your family to enjoy.

Do YOU have a favorite spot to go and "leaf peep" ? Let us know your favorite locations so we can all enjoy the beauty of nature here in the Garden State.


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