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Shawn Michaels

So I was thinking that we have many former business locations here in Ocean County that are now empty and if we open a conversation about what might be a good solution to filling some, it might open ideas for new businesses and employment locally.

This location in the Toms River Shopping Center has been vacant for some time now and you have to wonder what could be done with this spot? The shopping center there and its neighbor Kohl’s you would think has some traffic volume. Should this become another supermarket or something completely different?

Maybe there are already plans for this location? It just seems like a good location for something. If it was not a supermarket it would probably need some interior redesign to accommodate a new business. What type of business would be a good fit for the Toms River Shopping Center?

Could a restaurant use this space? A fitness center? A children’s learning center? It’s tough to say. What do you think or what would you like to see in this location? Something has to be better than nothing, although I realize it has to be something that can pay the rent, so some ideas might not work.

Let's throw some ideas out there though and have an open dialogue about what would best benefit the residents in Toms River and Ocean County.

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