Take a Peek at the Full Worm Moon
Take a Peek at the Full Worm Moon.....Incase the clouds Wednesday hindered your view of our latest full moon, I thought I'd share some photos. This current full moon is best known as the "worm" moon.
Should Phone Cameras Be Banned at Shows?
At a concert last night I'd say about one third of the audience was using their phones to shoot video. I looked around the crowd and saw a sea of blue lights. By contrast, a show I saw a week ago had a strict "No-Device" rule. Nobody was allowed to take photos or shoot video.
Angry Ocean Photos
Following the storm that swept through New Jersey Friday into Saturday, I decided to go to Long Beach Island and get some photos from the beach in Surf City. Still very rough surf and wanted to share with this latest "Shutterblog".
A Look at the Super Blue Moon
It was our second full moon in January, so that makes this weeks moon a "blue" moon and it was also a "super" moon .... So in-case you missed it we have photos from our view here at the Jersey Shore of the Super Blue Moon! Enjoy th...

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