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So I was driving through Toms River  when I noticed this construction project that is underway at Route 166 and Indian Head Road. I was curious to see if we know what this project is going to be?

Shawn Michaels

If we do not know what it is going to be, what would we possibly like in that intersection? There already is a gas station, bank, and CVS that are at the three corners of the intersection, which is very busy and always hard to navigate as it is.

Are there plans for the already existing strip mall that is there currently? To be honest, the one big negative is the difficulty to get in and out of the plaza area. If it were easier to enter and exit I think more traffic would stop and businesses probably would do better, unless I am missing the enter - exit?

So could it end up one of the more popular construction projects: a Wawa, QuickChek, Dollar Tree, or Immediate Care? All of which do drive traffic. The Wawa and QuickChek hybrid "gas/convenience" stores have become the go-to spot for most these days.

As I said, I may have missed postings for what this construction area will become, but if you can share some insight we would love to share with our listeners. Our communities are changing every day and we want to keep up on the latest.

Let's hope it is something that helps serve and employ the community. :)

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