Lets take a look at some simple tips to help when working out this winter

I was recently reading an article about a piece from the television show "the Doctors" dealing with tips to exercise in the cold. The article discussed how although it may be easy to skip a workout when its cold, it has alot of benefits. Working out during winter months helps prevent stress, anxiety and a daily exercise program may even reduce the severity of cold or flu symptoms.

The article broke things dow to "4" categories:

Stay Hydrated: You can become dehydrated in winter, just like summer...but they say it may be harder to realise in winter. Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your workout....even if you're not really thirsty.

Cover Your Head: You lose nearly 50% of your body heat from your head alone. Feet and hands also need protection when working out in winter months. When cold our blood flows to the center of our body to keep internal organs warm, leaving your extremities volnerable to frostbite. So they suggest wearing a thin pair of gloves under regular gloves and an extra pair of socks...or even thermal socks for your feet.

Dress In Layers: Layering your clothes helps control body temperature. Start with a thin bottom layer made of a synthetic material that draws sweat away from your body ( cotton will stay wet against your skin ) then add a layer of fleece or wool for insulation and top with a water and windproof outer layer. And dont forget sunscreen on exposed parts.

Plan indoor alternative: On those days when its raining or snowing or extreme cold...have a workout video ready for your rec room or maybe a trip to the mall for a good walk...or try something new like yoga or kickboxing!

Stay Healthy This Winter :) Consult your physician before beginning any workout routine.

What do you like to do to stay in shape in the winter ?

* The Doctors is an award winning daytime talk show. Check TV Listings