Bitter Cold Grips Ocean County Today
Bitter Cold Grips Ocean County Today .... Ocean County is feeling the grip of "Old Man Winter" today. Temperatures below freezing all day with the "feels like" temp near 3* this morning with a stiff wind.
How to protect your pipes during arctic temperatures
With polar-like conditions set to bring frigid air to the Jersey Shore this week, New Jersey American Water wants homeowners to take the necessary precautions now to prevent frozen and damaged household pipes, that could put your home in the cold during the inclement weather.
Code Blue Activation in Toms River
Code Blue Activation means there will be a warm place for someone you might know that needs it. Temperatures are going down the next couple of days and of course the snow storm heading our way this weekend.
Curing Cabin Fever With Outdoor Activity Today
Many people and pets have had a bit of cabin fever being cooped up during the past couple of weeks of frigid temps and snowy, icy conditions. What will YOU do to take advantage of the warm temperatures today? I'm going to sit outside and read while I enjoy a nice cup of tea. Then Taylor an…
Scenes From a Frozen Jersey Shore [VIDEO]
I decided to go out the morning and get some photos of the frozen Jersey Shore. At the time the temp was 7 degrees with wind chills at -9 below zero. The forecast tonight will see temps around 1 with wind chills -15 to -20. Check out the frozen creeks, lakes and bay. Kee...

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