The OSPREY ... also called fish eagle, sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk

It is a bird pf prey, a Jersey Shore favorite and seen up and down the eastern's the Osprey! I took the still shots of the Osprey right here at the Jersey Shore. I have recently gotten into "bird watching" and "bird photography" and I find it a real addictive hobby and very rewarding when you spot a special bird and grab a photo! A beautiful bird and now you can see this wonderful bird and it's babies LIVE on the Osprey Cam!


Shawn Michaels


CLICK HERE to watch the Osprey Cam

*If it's evening you can scroll down the webcam page and click onto previously filmed segments during the day.


Have a favorite bird here at the Jersey Shore? I think two of my favs are the Osprey and Owls ... if you can find an owl.


Shawn Michaels