My TikTok and Instagram feed is filled with so many dog videos, it's a great serotonin boost.

As I was mindlessly scrolling through TikTok the other day I came across a New Jersey Golden Retriever named Zeppole.

First off, what an adorable name!

The video shows Zeppole sneaking into his neighbor's yard to dive head-first into the pool.

@thegoldenzeppole when one door closes… another one opens… #goldenretrievers #dogsoftiktok #funnydogs #funnypets #newjersey #dogs #puppy #funnyvideos #funnydog #swimmingdog #waterdog #divingdog #escapingdog ♬ In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry

The small gate at the top of the steps to the deck was opened just enough for Zeppole to squeeze right through.

Zeppole is a peculiar dog because he enjoys swimming underwater like a fish.

The TikTok account is dedicated all to the water-loving pup, with many videos of Zeppole breaking into his neighbor's backyard for a quick dip.

One video even features the Golden Retriever climbing over the fence.

Zeppole is a famous New Jersey dog, with his own book.

His owner Erin Farley, a Rutgers graduate, wrote a children's book to teach kids that they can be anything they want to be.

Zeppole the Pizza Dog

The Pizza Dog is about:

ZEPPOLE, a golden retriever, dreams of becoming a pizza chef like the town's miniature Italian greyhounds, Giuseppe, Enzo, and Valentino. Zeppole doesn't think he has what it takes to make pizza like them because he thinks he is too big and too clumsy. One day he confides in a trusted friend who gives him the confidence to try something new.

The Pizza Dog is available on

If I were Zeppole's neighbor I would be really creepy watching him sneak into the pool from my window. I wouldn't want to ruin his fun by letting him think he didn't sneak into the pool.

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