Helping to Save Turtles at the Jersey Shore
If you live here at the Jersey Shore then there is a good chance you have seen a turtle or two trying to cross the road. This project ”turtle gardens” is located on the bay in Little Egg Harbor Township on Seven Bridges Road. The purpose is to give area turtles a place to lay eggs that’s out of harms way.
Are YOU having a bunny explosion?
This fall I have noticed more rabbits not only around my property but also around our neighborhood. The bunny pictured above is a “backyard friend” and just one of the bunnies who is a regular at our home.
Shawn's New Pet Has Expensive Taste [VIDEO]
Shawn's New Pet Has Expensive Taste [VIDEO] It appears that we may have a new pet, not that we adopted this one....but he/she may have adopted us. Recently we have had a four legged visitor to our home, usually around dinner time or later.
Birds of New Jersey
New Jersey is home to many species of birds. We have the unique scenario where we have beautiful forests and pine barrens along with the gorgeous ocean coastline. Each brings different types of birds, so it's a bird watchers paradise. Enjoy a few of my personal favorites that I have photographed over the years.
Toms River Kids Help Save The Animals in Australia
Lotta Love, Toms River Kids Help Save The Animals......There's lotta love in Toms River for the animals devastated by the wildfires in Australia. Two Toms River third graders are showing some love by hosting a "change" drive and they have raised thousands to help the animals.
Do YOU Brake for Turtles?
If YOU live in Ocean or Monmouth Counties you probably have seen "turtle crossing" signs. Residents have posted these reminders throughout the Jersey Shore to help spare the terrapins from being hit by motorists as they make their way to lay eggs this Spring/Summer.

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