Saturday afternoon one of our neighbors noticed something in our yard as he was walking his dog. After he took a closer look he discovered it was a baby deer. He watched as the fawn stumbled under a tree on our property, making sure it didn't run into the road and traffic. We came out and found the lil guy/girl resting under a holly tree.

We called the Popcorn Park Zoo and one of our neighbors, who is a Ocean County Park Ranger and they both told us that we should leave the fawn resting and if "Mom" was alive she would be back. I must admit we were skeptical that the deer could find it's way back to our home and pick-up her baby. We watched for hours to make sure the fawn was ok and that no predators came along.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

As nightfall came we set up camp in our front living room so that we had a good view of the fawn and the woods across the street, which is where we figured "Mom" would have to return to get her newborn. I was thinking it could take all night and we'd probably be asleep when "Mom" returned, but just after dusk I noticed the large deer appear from the woods! She was back! of course it was dark and hard to get video or photos, but we did our best and you can see it all in the video below.

So in the end "Momma" deer did return and her baby followed her off into the woods...and let's hope far from the roadways!

What an experience for April and I ... we just had to share.

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