Animal Rescue

Local Animal Rescue
Saturday afternoon one of our neighbors noticed something in our yard as he was walking his dog. After he took a closer look he discovered it was a baby deer. He watched as the fawn stumbled under a tree on our property, making sure it didn't run into the road and traffic. We came out and found the lil guy/girl resting under a holly tree.
Another Animal Rescue
Sue and I were saying on the air the other morning that I feel like "Dr Doolittle" these days because of my encounters with so many animals. Spring is a season for babies and that may be why I'm running into so many. My latest encounter involved a baby possum or as they are sometimes called opossums. I r...
Thanks To Pet Foster Parents: Essential In Saving Lives
On this National Pet Day, I want to acknowledge and thank all of you pet foster parents in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. There are many pet rescue organizations who rely on fosters.  I think in many ways fosters are the unsung heroes in the efforts to prevent euthanasia...
Dogs Rescued in Jackson
All are less than a year old and all are completely terrified. They were born in that garage and never set foot outside of it until the day they were removed, put into carriers, and taken away from the hell that they were living in.~ Popcorn Park Zoo In a recent PATCH article, the story of several dogs rescued in Jackson appeared...

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