Shawn's New Pet Has Expensive Taste [VIDEO]
Shawn's New Pet Has Expensive Taste [VIDEO] It appears that we may have a new pet, not that we adopted this one....but he/she may have adopted us. Recently we have had a four legged visitor to our home, usually around dinner time or later.
Keep an Eye Out for Deer in Ocean and Monmouth Counties
Driver Alert: Lots of Deer Out This Morning in Ocean and Monmouth Counties ..... We have a dry and warm morning (Thursday) so it's a prime morning to see deer. Motorists around Ocean and Monmouth Counties wanna be on the lookout as deer find themselves along roadways on your way to work and sch…
Is Shawn Running a Baby Deer Daycare Center? [VIDEO]
I have seen individual fawns around but this time I spotted 3 and possibly a 4th fawn all together .... so I had to try and grab a quick pic and video on my phone before they took off. No sighting of Mom. I'll keep an eye out and keep you posted .... do I need to provide cookies and juice box&a…

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