As I mentioned yesterday, after a painful, six month long process, my home is finally getting back to a useable state.

The quick summary - last fall, my hot water heater completely let loose and flooded my whole ground floor (on the condo I'd only owned since the spring).

The emergency cleanup included tearing up much of my ground floor carpet, pulling out walls, ripping off doors, and just generally tearing things apart.

The process after that was a complete nightmare - a lot of "hurry up and wait" for renovation funds to finally come through from my insurance company.

That finally happened last week, and the work has been going on in earnest since late last week.

Yesterday, my brand new carpet was installed, and I love it. A huge shout out goes out to M&L Carpet Gallery (who also did my blinds last year). Check out the new carpet below:

The rest of the restoration work is going on at a rapid clip, and I'll have more pictures to post soon. Stay tuned!