Recently, I asked for scary front yards decorated for Halloween and I received some great addresses. I went and checked some of them out. They're amazing.

I love driving around the neighborhood, just like a Christmastime, and seeing the decorations. Halloween has become so popular and some of you go nuts for Halloween and your decorations in your front lawn are just pure awesome.

Check Out These Halloween Decorated Front Yards in Ocean County

If you have a spectacular front yard, where you think people will stop and check it out, I'd love to add it to the list. Our neighbors spend hours putting these displays together for our enjoyment, please be respectful when checking out their front yards. Some of them you can get out of your car and walk around.

Most of these addresses are in Brick and Toms River. There are several I received to add to my list that I will get to go see. I wanted to check them out so you could get a preview of what you will see when you drive by. I just can't believe the amount of time put into some of these houses. And, they're creepy.

Thank you for sending me the addresses. If you see some phenomenal yards that you think will scare us, email me I can always add them to the list -

My teenage daughter gets excited when I say we're going to look at decorated houses, she wants to come. The addresses are in the photo gallery for you and everyone was easy to find. I just used the maps app and it got me to everyone.

Happy Halloween.

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