DIY Live Edge End Table [VIDEO]
DIY Live Edge End Table [VIDEO] What is a "Live Edge" table? a "live edge" table is one made from a tree slab which is cut from a tree with it's natural edge visible. As you can see above the section is cut to leave the original look of the tree on it's outer side.
Watch A Family Make The Best Of All The Snow [Video]
Remember the "snow coaster" from back in December? Well I think that these families need to get together and set up the most epic backyard snow theme park ever! This snowbound family made the best of their situation with an awesome DIY luge course. Check it out for yourself:
Watch This Backyard Snow Coaster In Action [Video]
So far, we've gotten lucky on the snow front at the end of the year (I'm knocking on wood as I type that), but when we do get some snow, it might be worth recreating this awesome "snow coaster". It's not quite this backyard roller coaster or this ridiculous DIY water…
The Joys of Homeownership
Suffice to say that my experiences in homeownership over the last year and change haven't been all rainbows and unicorns. And last night I had yet another situation pop up. You can probably guess from the picture alone where I'm going with this.
Would You Ride This DIY Roller Coaster? [Video]
I don't know what it is about backyard do it yourself thrill rides, but it seems to be a trend these days. First, we showed you this backyard looping water slide, then this video of a backyard roller coaster went viral. Now we have this one - another home hobbyist builds a do it yourself r…

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