Six months ago, I had a pretty unpleasant experience. I came home to a flooded ground floor in the condo that I had only owned for a couple of months. 

In the time since then, I've gotten a pretty hard lesson on bureaucracy. It has literally taken six months for the insurance company to finally bring the process to the point that I can finally make repairs.

Now, I do have to take a quick moment to point out the fact that a lot of people in Ocean County had considerably worse experiences during and after Sandy. I'm sympathetic and absolutely aware of the fact that it could have been worse.

But, that being said, it was still a pretty awful experience. Phone calls, emails, false starts, etc. I've literally felt like I've been living in a frat house - half torn up carpet, half cut up walls, and piles of stuff that used to be in cabinets and on shelves.

But we're finally at the point where things are getting done now that the insurance company, to use their term, "released the funds" - my contractor has been working for a few days on removing damaged walls, restoring the walls, painting, and more. And just today the new carpet was finally installed.

It feels great to finally see work being done, to know that in only a few days I'll be able to start getting things back to normal, and to be able to put this all behind me soon.

I'll post pictures over the next few days of the great work that's being done.