Last night I came home to something that nobody ever wants to come home to...

It started with me putting my bare foot in a small puddle. I thought that my dog had a little accident. When I kneeled down to clean it up, my knees got wet too. Then I noticed that the "small puddle" was actually a huge, soaked carpet.

I then discovered, to my horror, that my hot water heater had finally decided to quit and emptied all of it's contents into my bathroom and dining room.

Thankfully, a restoration company came first thing this morning, and I know that much of the process will be covered by insurance, but that doesn't change the sickening feeling of seeing someone tear up your carpet and cut huge holes into your wall.

But, as I watched this process I thought of something pretty sobering:

At least I still have my home.

So many of our friends, family, and neighbors lost everything in Superstorm Sandy.

I got some water in my house.

Some people came "home" to nothing but empty foundations.

I came home to a wet carpet.

It's something well worth keeping in mind - it's not a great situation, but I am thankful that it wasn't much worse. And it makes me that much more sympathetic to all of our friends and neighbors who lost everything.

Don't forget to join us as we "Light up NJ" on the anniversary of Sandy.

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