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Shawn Michaels



Photography is hugely popular around the world now with apps like Instagram allowing millions of people to take pictures every day. Most are amateur photographers like myself. We focus more on the idea than the technical aspects, although I am not speaking for everyone and I do try to have a basic knowledge of the art of photography.

Each episode I try to share a broad selection of photographs from the collection. Everything from people to landscapes to wildlife. Usually I bring my camera bag wherever we go because there is so much out their to capture.

Seasons bring different colors and temperatures. Some photos are local and some are from our many travels.....which I’ll explain. Please share your comments and any of your photos.

This episode I am including photos from Philadelphia including the “Liberty Bell” and “Ben Franklin”. New York City and the Ed Sullivan Theatre when David Letterman was in residency. Washington Headquarters at Valley Forge and the Grand Canyon, plus a trip to Ireland and Blarney Castle.....yes I kissed the Blarney Stone.

Take a look and see what you think of this episode, both the video and still shots.

Still Words Episode Two

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