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It is time once again to see our listener's wonderful pets in their fantastic Halloween costumes! It's Shawn and Sue's Halloween Pet Parade 2020.

This year so much has changed for Halloween, but one thing that hasn't during the Coronavirus Pandemic is our annual salute to our pets. We always love seeing your furry friends in their Halloween outfits.

Remember to keep your pets away from the candy, we don't want any of our pets eating any goodies that they should not.

Thanks to all our listeners who sent in their pet pics it's a labor of love putting our Pet Parade Video together each year and we hope you and your fur babies have a wonderful Halloween.

Sue Moll put together an article all about how to keep our pets safe this Halloween. CLICK HERE  for all the details on Sue's story and hopefully it'll give you some good information for your pets this holiday. We do not want any spooky stories with your pets.

Some of the tips include:

  • CANDY is a no - no for animals.
  • The pumpkins that might be lit with a candle could be dangerous with wagging tails around them. Please keep them high enough off the ground so pets can't get to them. Pets could burn themselves or start a fire.
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