Halloween is almost here and it's so important we keep our four-legged friends healthy and safe.

It's so important we keep our pets out of danger with the trick or treaters, candy, and other Halloween scares.

These are tips from some local shelters. "Thank you for the helpful tips."

Tips to keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy on Halloween:

**CANDY is a no - no for animals.

**The pumpkins that might be lit with a candle could be dangerous with wagging tails around them. Please keep them high enough off the ground so pets can't get to them. Pets could burn themselves or start a fire.

**Please keep your furry friends inside when trick or treaters are at your house. If you have a dog like one of mine, he runs out the door a lot. Watch your pets that they don't run out the door, especially if they're scared.

**I just had my ID tags updated for my three dogs, maybe something to do before Halloween, just incase they get lost.

**I love dressing up my dogs. They look so cute in their costumes If you have a favorite costume for your pet, make sure it fits just right and does not poke them or make them feel uncomfortable.

**If you head out for trick or treat, leave your four-legged family member home for his or her safety.

Sue Moll
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 Have a safe and happy Halloween. This year will be a little different because of Covid-19, but it still will be fun. Remember if the light is off on a porch, don't knock and please respect people's space.


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