Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

Some say it's New Jersey's most impressive owl, the Great Horned Owl. This owl can get as large as 25 inches in length with a wing span of nearly 5 feet. I was doing some photos along seven bridges road in Little Egg Harbor when I first passed the owl. I actually thought it was debris caught on the half broken tree, but I decided to turn around and go back and once I zoomed in with my camera I realized it was an owl! I never spotted a Great Horned and was surprised to see it on the Bay. Impressive bird in size and it's eyes .... was like he was looking right at me and keeping an eye on what I was up to. This is my second "owl" sighting this Winter. First the  "Snowy Owl" at Island Beach State Park and now the Great Horned. The Great Horned Owl is also called the "Tiger Owl" and the "Hoot Owl".

Have YOU spotted a Great Horned Owl?  If you did where was it? 

Check Out My Photos Below .....Shutterblog "The Great Horned Owl"



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