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This is pretty cool, a new movie that was shot here in Ocean County and other parts of the Garden State. The movie is called 6:45  and I got a chance to talk with director Craig Singer (Toms River Resident) to talk about this project with a local connection here in Ocean County.



Craig Singer is from Toms River and this mystery was filmed in many locations you may recognize from here in Ocean County and other parts of New Jersey.

Keep in mind this movie is NOT for the kids, this is a grab your date and hold on tight kinda movie.

Here is a plot summary on their You Tube  page ...

"Bobby Patterson is hoping a weekend getaway will save his rocky relationship with his girlfriend Jules Rables. The couple arrives in the quiet island resort of Bog Grove. To their bewilderment, the sleepy beach town is curiously deserted and they quickly learn about the deadly history that's about to repeat itself. Bobby's struggles with Jules are cast aside in order to overcome a dementing cycle of terror they find themselves trapped in. No matter what he does to try to avoid it, he and his girlfriend wake up at 6:45 each morning to the same nightmarish chain of events that lead to them being viciously murdered." ~ YouTube 

We will keep you posted when and where you can catch "6:45" when it comes out and maybe you will see some sights that you recognize right here in Ocean County.

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