Hometown Happenings

Big Anniversary for the TR Vol Fire Company NO.1
We continue our salute to Jersey Shore Firefighters...They are volunteers who have served Toms River since 1896 and this year marks the 125th Anniversary of Toms River Volunteer Fire Company No. 1
The brave men and women of Toms River Volunteer Fire Company No.1 are celebrat...
Bon Jovi Sighting in Asbury Park?
So the rumor is that Bon Jovi is working in Asbury Park at the Paramount Theatre tonight and they are filming in the Iconic theatre! We cannot confirm if or what the project is.....but the word on the street is Bon Jovi is working at the Jersey Shore
Ok Toms River, What's the Plan?
This one hurt, lot's of people really enjoyed Social 37 Restaurant in Toms River and when it closed lots of folks were disappointed. It was a fun place to go for a drink or a bite to eat and right here in Toms River on Route 37.

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