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So to recap, growing up here in Ocean County I remembered my Grandparents getting a certain soda which was local to Toms River. The soda came in glass bottles in a crate that when you finished you would return and pick up another case. The soda came in all kinds of flavors. Cola, cream, root beer, orange, grape, black cherry, lemon etc.

The mystery was that I couldn't remember what brand the soda was and where they may have bought it? All I knew was that it was somewhere in Toms River. So I asked listeners to help and solve this mystery. Well I have to say it was a community effort because we received phone calls, emails, dm’s, tweets and texts....and yes you at home solved this mystery that goes back about 40 years or maybe lil more lol. I must be honest I do not remember celery soda.....that may actually be a good thing lol


  • John: Brookdale on Fischer. My favorite orange soda as a kid.
  • Michele: Could you mean Brookdale Soda? It was on Fischer Blvd across from where the Wawa gas station is now.
  • Alison: Loved going there with my parents as a kid. Right on Fischer Blvd!
  • Virginia: We went to Brookdale all the time up in North Jersey. You grabbed an empty case walked around and picked whatever flavor put it in the case.
  • Tom: Brookdale Soda. It was on Fischer boulevard. You could go there and fill a crate with a mix/match of what they had. Lots of flavors. Black Cherry, Celery soda, grape, orange , cola, cream etc..



So as you can see our fantastic listeners came through once again! Thank you and thanks for the memories. My favorite was the lemon soda FYI.

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