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Shawn Michaels


In this webisode of Hiking NJ  April and I were off to a local Ocean County park. John C Bartlett Jr County park  in Berkeley Township. The park went thru a massive renovation project after Hurricane Sandy and is a beautiful location with lots to do for the whole family.

Now before you jump on me and say this is not a good “hiking” park, let me make my case. Yes it doesn’t have a true hiking trail, but it has advantages. If your looking for a good walk in summer, this is the place to go.....here is why. The park is located right on the water so it is cooler and has a wonderful breeze to keep you from burning up on a hot summer day. In addition less bugs and less plants to set off those allergies. There is a nice paved walkway which basically does a wrap around the perimeter of the park.

The walkway is about a half mile, so do the math and six laps will give you a three mile hike. Perfect for a summer day instead of being in a dense wooded area 100 degrees with mosquitoes, flies and ticks chasing you. Now John C Bartlett Jr park is sounding pretty good right?

In addition there are restrooms and the fantastic water park and playground for the kids. You can also picnic, crab, fish and play bocce and horseshoes. A fun park for everyone.

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