Sometimes, a mystery comes along that's so captivating that we have to try to do whatever we can to solve it. We had fun with The Toms River Horn Honker, but this one is a bit different. We here at WOBM feel like we have a duty to help these letters "get to Heaven". Read on for the whole story.

Recently, our engineer was at our tower location in Bayville when he noticed some balloons that had gotten caught up in the scaffolding and antennas.

When he went to untangle them, he noticed that there were letters attached to them. From the looks of it, the people writing the letters had lost a loved one, wrote moving, personal messages and attached them to balloons to "send them to Heaven". Unfortunately, they got caught up in our tower instead.

Out of respect for privacy, I don't want to post the letters in their entirety, but the expressions of love, sadness, and hope gave us tingles. With things like, "...couldn't ask for a better Dad than you. I love you and miss you" and, "I'm so glad that I met you. . . I'm going to be by your side no matter", we felt like we had to do something to try to help.

Considering the response that we got from the funny mystery of TJ the horn honker, we thought that this might be another mystery that you, our listeners and readers, might be able to help us solve.

Do you know someone who might have lost a loved one recently, who might have written heartfelt letters and attached them to balloons? It would have been in the general area of Bayville, since that's where our antenna is.

We would love to reunite the writers with their letters so they can have another chance to "send" their messages to their loved one. If nothing else, we are in possession of the letters, and if we're not able to track down the authors in a reasonable amount of time, we'll find an environmentally friendly way to "send" the messages off and get those letters where they belong.

Do you have any leads? If you'd like to get in touch confidentially, you can email me by clicking here.

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