In a case of a few ignorant people ruining it for the rest of us, Toms River could soon tightly restrict the flying of drones in the township.

Since adopting federal regulations for operating drones, the FAA has made it pretty easy to make sure that people know the rules. But according to the Asbury Park Press, certain areas of Toms River have seen numerous complaints of drones flying over private homes.

While flying over private homes isn't specifically prohibited in the FAA's rules, I think we can all agree that it's bad form.

And now, because some aren't following common sense advice from industry and hobby associations, it could soon become more tricky (and more expensive) to fly a drone recreationally in Toms River.

As someone who has enjoyed flying drones as a hobby, and has always made a point to not only follow legal rules, but also to adhere to "best practices", it's disappointing to hear about a proposal that would put restrictions on all of us because of the bad practices of a few.

The Toms River Town Council will hold a public hearing on the drone issue on April 25th at 6pm.


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