It was almost two years ago to the day that we first told you about online mega-retailer's totally serious plans to someday revolutionize package delivery with a fleet of unmanned aircraft. Well today, just in time for the busiest online shopping day of the year, they unveiled the huge steps that they've taken in only two years.

The first prototypes that they showed us on Cyber Monday 2013, were pretty much what we expect when we hear "drone", quadcopters that can carry a payload.

But now, the next generation of autonomous delivery robots look more like something out of a futuristic stealthy surveillance program.

As they did when they first started talking about the idea of "Amazon Prime Air", they reinforce the fact that they're totally serious about this. They just need the appropriate regulatory support and they'll start flying packages right to your front door.

Take a look at the next generation of Amazon's drone fleet:


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