The wonder and power of unmanned aircraft will be on display Sunday at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, offering a hands-on, in-your-face experience that will bring you views you'd struggle to find anywhere else.

As part of the New York City Drone Film Festival, Liberty Science Center's "Day of Drones" welcomes the best in the drone business - from builders to operators to photographers.

The main attraction - winning film festival submissions will be screened all day for guests, bringing viewers to areas where no human should ever be, such as the ruins of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, and face-to-face with spewing lava.

drone film footage
Photo courtesy of New York City Drone Film Festival

At the same time, as professional drone pilots zip around Liberty State Park at wild speeds, guests can strap on First Person View goggles to get a live glimpse at what the drone camera is seeing.

"These are not drones that you can go and buy at your local store," said Paul Hoffman, President and CEO of Liberty Science Center. "These are drones that take a lot of experience to fly; they're very fast."

Drone pilots will also be showing off their custom-built models and demonstrating their capabilities throughout LSC's atrium.

And a "drone battle" begins at noon, pitting drone operators against one another to see whose aircraft can remain in the air the longest.

"Day of Drones" runs from 12:00-5:30 p.m. on March 6. All activities are included with paid admission, but film screenings require the purchase of additional tickets.

Lava Chaser film
Footage from Lava Chaser drone film (New York City Drone Film Festival)

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